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Why Should I Care About Digital Economics?

The future of work is play.

Modern education is failing.People are losing trust in the system.The shift to online education has already begun.From institution to individual. Centralized to decentralized.Can you see it happening all around you?

  • YouTubers are providing free information that universities can’t compete with.
  • Instagram accounts that you love and learn from on a daily basis are growing massive followings (you probably know as much as them on the topic).
  • Twitter accounts that use nothing but writing to build massive leverage (they don’t have to post shirtless pictures to build a following).
  • All other forms of media that are available to anyone that understands how to play the game.

I see this on Twitter almost every other day:“I’ve learned more on Twitter in 6 months than I ever did completing my 4 year degree.”I think it’s safe to say that the future belongs to those that take advantage of this mental & financial wealth transfer.That is to say — those who pursue their curiosity, learn to build, learn to sell, and learn to capture attention in the age of opportunity.It sounds like a dream (and it is, all crazy ideas start as blasphemy), but the reality is that most people have not developed themselves to a point of realizing this potential future.The people you follow on social media saw the opportunity.They were some of the first 2nd tier thinkers of our age.And after speaking, working, and consulting with many of them, I can tell you that they are not “special.”They are just good at the skills listed above.These skills can be trained. Fast.So who is this for exactly?Anybody that falls into one of these categories:

  • You don’t understand the ins-and-outs of growing an audience, packaging up the information in your head, and selling it via the infinite scale of the internet.
  • You struggle to come up with “Damn, I wish I wrote that” level ideas on a consistent basis (that build authority and trust with the reader).
  • If you did start, you would have no idea how what the best route to take would be (and feel like you aren’t experienced enough).
  • You’ve already started — but struggle to create your own niche, grow a loyal audience, or create original content (without templates).
  • You don’t know how to merge what you love talking about with a profitable product or service (because everything else sounds scammy).
  • You don’t have a system for turning ideas into content, subscribers, and sales that can be maintained with 1-hour a day. (Once systemized, you have free time to build more.)
  • You’ve gone through all of the free internet content on social media, branding, and online business but still can’t seem to make things work.
  • You know there are a lot of social media growth, freelancing, content creation, and other paid courses but feel like they are all the same (and aren’t sure which you can confidently invest your money in).
  • Lastly, you don’t have the time to spend all day trying to grow on all social media platforms, send outreach messages, write newsletters, write blog posts, film videos, and still have the time to do anything else.

Did one of those hit a pain point? (That’s what I’m trying to do here).If it did, I will solve all of those problems for you in the next 90 days.


Anyone Can Build Leverage On The Internet

Especially right now, we are earlier than we think.

“There are almost 7B people on this planet. Someday, I hope, there will be almost 7B companies.” — Naval

That quote has lived in my head rent-free for a while now.

I finally cracked it.

Everyone can have a business? WTF?!


If everyone pursued their curiosity — their nature — we would all end up selling complimentary products, breaking off into tribes, and entertaining each other on the topics we are obsessed about.

We have and will continue to build solutions that allow us to live in accordance with our nature. That seems to be the next stage of human development.

Think about it…

How many people do you follow?

How many people does everyone else follow?

It’s a similar amount of people.

Everyone follows others according to their interests.

Saturation doesn’t exist for those that can develop the foundational skills and double down on their curiosities.

This is what “the creator economy” is. A self-sufficient Utopia that we are building out. This is obvious when you zoom out to see the big picture.

One other thing:

The short-form content boom of Twitter, TikTok, Shorts, and Reels mean that consumers are being exposed to more creators.

This means that consumers are following MORE creators, meaning there is room for more creators.

The problem: creators will rely on the platform to monetize (like the one that Instagram just put out to monetize based on views).

The ones with a streamlined content system that brings consumers deeper into long-form content will build the deepest connections and make the most money.

I have turned this into a plug-and-play replicable system.

“Dan, what are you talking about and how does it relate to the course?”

Well, I built the course for this exact reason. To get people on the same page. To teach them the tools, strategies, and only-spoken-in-the-dms tactics that make this line of work available to anyone.

Digital Economics is an accelerated, systems-based learning experience.

The beautiful thing about non-institutional courses is that they are condensed information.

Humans can only process 126 bits of information per second.

What used to take 60 million bits of information now takes 1 million bits.

College courses have outdated, huge file sizes worth of information for your brain. It takes 4-12 years to get placed in the current job market.

Digital Economics is like a zip file that gets placed, and opened, in your mind — in ~60 days.

At a minimum, you will create a public portfolio and develop modern skills (that can get you a high-paying job without a degree.)

You can work freelance, at an agency, or anywhere that requires marketing, sales, design, or creative skill sets.

At a maximum, you build leverage for your future, create a systems-based project, and make more than enough money than you need to live a happy life.

I’ve reverse-engineered what needs to be learned for success in the digital economy.

I turned it into a replicable, plug-and-play process that does not limit individuality or creativity — it enhances it.


Who Is This Guy Spouting All Of This Non-Sense?

Just a guy obsessed with dissecting this for you.

I tried it all.eCommerce brands. Dropshipping. Digital art theme pages. Facebook ads. A fitness YouTube channel. Online surveys. Whatever… I tried it.

After thousands of cold emails, a $3,000 loan from my dad, and sleepless nights trying to “crack the code,” I was tired of it.

Not only did I fail at all of these, I hated every second of it.

Building the businesses was fun — like… really fun. You couldn’t peal me from my desk and get me to eat.

But finding customers that I had nothing in common with was not fun at all.

I had no interest working with people I couldn’t connect with personally.

I had no interest building out projects for other people’s passions.

I was in it for the money, not the fulfillment of helping people develop themselves in the areas that excited me. The things I could talk for hours about.

Hey, I’m Dan

I am a brand advisor for 6-7 figure creators, consultants, and influencers.

I’m the guy they come to when they want to go from starving artist to highly-paid (and highly-praised) internet phenomenon.

I help them systemize their workflow, marketing, and content so they can work for 2 hours a day, charge more, and sell their products & services on autopilot.

I’m good at this because I test everything on myself. Building digital leverage and doing “impossible” things is a game to me.

I’m obsessed with understanding every little aspect of it (and packaging it up in an understandable way.)

No joke, I will be up until 2am some nights just strategizing new and fun ways to grow on social media, build out products, and brainstorming new sales angles.

Because of this, I’ve grown my own personal brand to 350,000+ followers across different platforms, work for 2-4 hours a day on average, and have systems in place that keep the creative income flowing.

(Keep in mind — I have no degree or credentials, and I didn’t “pick one thing and stick with it.”)

It feels like I’m boasting… but I guess that’s a hit I’m willing to take to ease your worries of buying a product of mine.

I will, however, never apologize for aiming to be as transparent as possible.

For the past 4 years, I’ve pursued my curiosities (like philosophy, epistemology, health, self-improvement, business, and others)

I was able to build a business just by teaching about these things.

That’s what launched me into building this modern-day university.

Something was missing.

Nobody was giving out a true, quick solution to gaining clarity on the direction of your online business.

The reason? All of this is so new. Everyone is still figuring it out.

Everyone tells you to “learn a skill, sell a skill” as if that means anything.

And after 4 years of working with the greats, I’ve finally condensed the information into something that “just works” time and time again.

These are the systems I give my clients, but tailored to those in the beginner and intermediate phase.

The reality is that anyone can build an audience and a creative income for themselves (now more than ever).

People just don’t have the time to spend 5 years of trial and error to make it work — or they just haven’t developed themselves enough to be aware of this reality (so their mind isn’t open to it).

I’ve created and sold:

  • Multiple digital courses on skill acquisition, business knowledge, and self-improvement
  • Freelance services like graphic design, web design, email marketing, and funnel creation
  • Consulting services for marketing, mindset, and productivity
  • Previous cohorts on marketing, sales, and mental performance
  • A community based around what I’ve learned growing on social media, marketing strategies, sales systems, and occasionally spirituality

I have sold 6-figures worth of each of the above.

With a large following and without a following at all.

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