Celestial University: Hearth Book 1 to 3 By Julio Castro

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Your health is a business and that’s why all the health information is free. I dedicated the last 3 years Innerstanding microbiology, holistic healing and living in the inner body. Purchasing this web course supports me to be able to continue my work. I also offer a lifetime pass below that gives you access to all current courses as well as future courses. This University is a growing collective of individuals that bridge their knowledge to you. Be sure to check out all the courses available.

Touching The Veil

There is this unspoken thing that is all around us, you cant quite put your finger on it but you know its there. The system can separate you from your divinity. This course has been made to bridge you back.

Hearth Book 1, 2, 3

Understand divinity to a deeper level with Syncretism’s:
1. Hearth Book 1: Heart/Earth Syncretism (121 Pages)
2. Hearth Book 2: SouL/SouRce Syncretism (74 Pages)
3. Hearth Book 3: Symbols & Symmetry (50 Pages)

Syncretism enables you to activate your God mind through esoteric knowing. The Matrix cultivates exoteric belief, concepts, which are given since birth. What controls our beliefs controls our actions. An awakening usually happens through knowledge. Whether you have had a spiritual awakening or you are seeking knowledge/enlightenment you must have questions. We have answers.

This book is meant to liberate humanity and make the world a better place for all future generations. My message to the world is that love is the key that unlocks us to our fullest potential.

We can accept the universe as one shared existence, this way no one would miss treat another as it would be like miss treating oneself. We can unify through love and acceptance, as we learn to view the world through the eyes of non-domination. We can consider our relationships with one another, and not only with people but with minerals, plants, animals and the entire cosmos as we are all relative to each other.

We can heal each other with our Toroidal energy fields/Magnanimous auras when we love. “Therefore you will know the Torus and the Torus will set you free. ” – Santos Bonacci

Being AWAREwolf In The Matrix

Master The 7 Virtues And You’ll Escape The Matrix

Being AWAREwolf In The Matrix (50 Pages)

The Alkaline Cook Book

Dr. Sebi Approved Recipes

The Alkaline Cook Book (99 Pages) Downloadable PDF Available To Save And Print

How To Sell On Etsy

Dropshipping On Etsy For Beginners. Set Up Process All The Way To Establishing An Online Presence To Drive Sales

Setting Everything Up

  • Websites (Bookmark Them)

Selling On Etsy

  • Creating a Listing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Etsy Ads

Driving Sales

  • Establishing a Presence on Social Media
  • Google Ads

Auto Pilot Maintenance

  • Seasonal Changes

Quantum Healing

Quantum healing is using the science of spirit with technology for healing


  • The Great Remembering
  • My Story
  • The Electrician

Understanding Quantum Physics

  • Introduction
  • What Is Matter
  • The Observer Effect
  • Quantum Entanglement and Nonlocality Principle

Quantum Medicine

  • Multidimensional Matrix
  • Holistic Anatomy
  • Chakra Medicine
  • Secrets of Water

The Invisible Health Crisis

  • The two-fold problem
  • The Zero Field Studies
  • Magnetic Deficiency Syndrome
  • Nasa and Russian Space Program Studies
  • Senate Document 264

Quantum Technology

  • Integration of consciousness and technology
  • Kirlian Photography
  • Biomodulation Patches
  • Tesla Medical Capsule
  • Scalar frequencies and radionics
  • PEMF Therapy

The five elements to health

  • Earth
  • Water
  • Fire
  • Air
  • Ether

Actions to better health

  • Frequency healing
  • How to protect yourself


  • Quantum Health Devices
  • Recommended Sources

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