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Caitlin V’s New Breakthrough

Program For Couples Lays Down The Path To Having The Best Sex Of Your Life

Finally unlock the secrets to spine-tingling connection and the mind-melting sex life of your dreams. Tap into pleasure to ignite the spark in your relationship for good… And have fun while doing it.

Are You Ready To Set Your Relationship On FIRE By Mastering The Art Of Giving And Receiving Incredible Pleasure?

How To Know Epic Lovers Is For You:

  • You want hot and lasting sexual chemistry
  • You want to explore whole new depths of pleasure and connection
  • You’re ready to experience multiple orgasms and longer orgasms
  • You’re ready to invigorate wild desire in your relationship

What is ‘Epic Lovers’ ?

Epic Lovers takes a counterintuitive approach developed by world-renowned sex and relationship coaches, Caitlin V and Monica Jayne. This spicy, sultry and fun, module based program allows you to finally connect to your partner on a deeper level than ever before.

Caitlin V and Monica Jayne give a step by step guide to strengthen your physical and emotional connection with your partner.

Learn how to find deeper pleasure than you ever knew was possible.

Why Wait Another Moment To Start Having The Best Sex Of Your Life?

Whether you’ve been with your partner for three months or thirty years… There’s still more to discover.

Epic Lovers is the key to unlocking depths of sexual experience that have been laying dormant inside you both…

In this course, you and your lover will learn to uncover each other’s deepest sexual desires and pleasure. You’ll learn exactly how to use the most effective techniques to feel closer and more alive with each other, both in and out of the bedroom.

Gain Access To The World’s Leading Sex And Relationship Coaching… All Dedicated To Elevating Your Relationship To Whole New Heights.

Learn to satisfy each other fully every single time. Epic Lovers will show you how…

There’s a lie about relationships…

“The honeymoon stage NEVER LASTS”

We’ve all heard it… And many people believe that it’s true. If you’re in a relationship, then chances are you’re familiar with the ebbs and flows of sexual desire… We all know what the honeymoon phase feels like… When you first meet your partner, it’s natural to feel that constant desire and excitement…

That can’t eat, can’t sleep kind of love…

But over time, it fades. Maybe it lasts for 6 months… Maybe it lasts for a year… Either way, eventually the sparks that came so naturally seem to be shining dimmer and dimmer. It’s inevitable… Right?


The truth is, it’s possible to maintain that type of electricity and desire through your entire relationship…

In fact, it’s possible to only continue to deepen and expand it.

Those fireworks should only be shining brighter and brighter with each passing year!

The trick is… You have to know how to keep igniting them.

Epic Lovers shows you how…

When you first meet your partner, mutually intense desire for each other comes from a place of hope and excitement for the future. But as you get to know each other more… As your relationship becomes stable and consistent… It’s only natural that the element of curiosity and newness fades away…

Those feelings are replaced by deep love, understanding and partnership…

Sounds like it should be amazing right?

The thing is… When this happens? Well, this is where SO many couples go wrong…

They assume that it’s a natural part of being in a longer term relationship.

They think it’s just what happens over time… They think that great sex should just happen, and if it doesn’t, then there’s nothing you can do. These couples are SO wrong.

The thing is… Once you’re out of the honeymoon stage, that’s where the really great sex should begin.

That’s when a couple can really take things to the next level… It’s when they can access deeper and more meaningful, connected pleasure than they ever thought was possible…

But most couples simply don’t know how.

Here’s the thing:

When you first meet your partner, the fuel that keeps your sex life vibrant is curiosity and newness…

The fuel is the excitement of possibility… The excitement of something new…

And when this goes away… Most couples just shrug and accept it.

They accept that their sex lives take a back seat to all the other responsibilities and daily routines in their lives…

But what they really need to do is to switch up the fuel.

Epic Lovers is that fuel.

It teaches you a whole new approach to lighting your love life on fire…

A Note From Caitlin V:

I’ve been a leading sex and relationship coach for over a decade, and trust me when I tell you… I’ve seen it all.

I’ve worked with couples that were sure that there was no hope for their sexless marriages…

I’ve worked with couples that couldn’t get through a day without getting into a fight…

I’ve worked with couples who would sit down for a date night and have no idea what to say to each other…

And I’ve taught them all how to transform their lives and fall for each other all over again.

No matter where your relationship is currently at… I can guarantee that more is possible.

I’ve built my career around the belief that everyone deserves the type of wild, colorful, and deeply satisfyin sex lives we see in the movies…

The “can’t eat, can’t sleep, can’t keep our hands off each other” type of love… So many people think that those types of connections fade.

They think that it’s only possible in the honeymoon stage, or when you first start to get to know someone…

But I couldn’t disagree more… And I’ve dedicated my life to helping couples realize that too.

Because like I said… We all deserve to be loved deeply, seen deeply, and understood deeply… Both in and out of the bedroom.

And when you learn to develop a bond that deep? When you connect to each other’s bodies and souls on that level? Well, that spark simply can’t be extinguished…

And it’s all possible with Epic Lovers.

It’s been my dream to make my coaching more accessible for all couples, and along with Monica Jayne, I’ve developed this program to be just as effective as the top one-on-one coaching in the world… Without breaking the bank.

This is the last course you’ll ever need to improve your connection and finally unlock what’s possible for your love story.

Epic Lovers teached you advances sex and connection practices that are guaranteed to make you see yourself as well as your lover in a whole new way…

Epic Lovers takes a revolutionary approach to experiencing and giving pleasure, communicating your sexual needs, and setting your libido on fire.

This isn’t a band-aid or temporary solution. It’s an approach that’s designed to affect the very foundation of your relationship…

Try Epic Lovers Risk Free, With Our
90 Day Money Back Guarantee

Like I said… I know that Epic Lovers works…

I’ve seen what it’s done for my relationship, as well as for countless other couples…

And that’s why I offer a 90 day money back guarantee.

Look… It’s my goal to light your relationship on fire in the best possible way.

If Epic Lovers doesn’t do that? Well then I don’t want your money.

You have a full 90 days to experience the benefits of this groundbreaking course…

That’s three months to experience all the incredible ways that Epic Lovers can infuse your relationship with passion, connection, and incredible sex.

And if you don’t see results?

Then it’s on me. Just send me an email and I’ll send you a full refund. No questions asked

Is Epic Lovers Right For You?

Every relationship is unique… And no relationship is perfect.

Whether you’ve been with your partner for 6 months or 12 years… Each stage of a romance brings its new challenges…

Sex with our partners ebbs and flows over time, and the truth is… There’s a lot that can get in the way of truly great sex.

Maybe there’s tension around the topic of finances…

Maybe there’s jealousy and distrust in your relationship…

Maybe there are never-ending errands or stress at work…

Or maybe none of this describes you… Maybe things are totally fine! Maybe you just secretly know in the back of your mind that there has to be more out there. More love, more connection, more passion and mind-blowing pleasure…

Epic Lovers Is A Program Designed To Get You On The Same Page… Regardless Of What Book You’re Writing Together.

The amazing thing about learning these advances sexual practice skills is that they not only have the power to reinvigorate a lacking connection… But they also have the power to bring more depth, pleasure and excitement into a relationship that’s already going steady.

The modules in this program are designed to get you deeper into your connection with your partner… Physically, emotionally, and spiritually…

Because even if you think you know everything about them… I guarantee that there are doors within them that you haven’t opened yet.

I’ve seen this happen with couples that have been together for two years… And I’ve seen it happen with couples that have been together for twenty.

This program is unlike anything else out there because it takes a totally unique approach to strengthening your sexual bond…

It’ll open your eyes to parts of your sexuality that you might have never experienced before…

And you’ll get to make these discoveries with your lover.

Epic Lovers is a whole new,
all-encompassing method to strengthen your bond, reveal new depths of intimacy and pleasure, and deepen your connection…

Our model is unlike anything else available…

Sadly, a lot of the “solutions” out there are based on a faulty model.

The truth is, people love to give advice. You may have read countless articles or watched videos telling you how to boost the attraction in your relationship and improve your sex life…

But if there’s one thing I can tell you about sex and relationships? This stuff isn’t one size fits all. Every couple and their needs are one of a kind…

Epic Lovers guides you through modules that are personalized to YOU and YOUR needs

This course allows you to delve deep into all the things that make your relationship special… And use those unique qualities as the foundation to the best sex of your life…

  • WE DON’T focus on cheap tricks to make you feel closer for a night
  • WE DON’T give temporary fixes to deeply rooted relationship patterns
  • WE DON’T give phony, one size fits all solutions
  • WE DON’T shame or dictate your needs or desires

In fact… We do pretty much the exact opposite of what you’ve heard works… It’s the opposite of all the things you’ve tried that have failed to give you the results you’re looking for…

This is something completely different and it has the power to change everything for you…

The sex and relationship life you’ve always wanted is in your reach. The only thing that’s stopping you from having it is the years of misinformation and wrongful guidance that’s been cementing your approach.

So many people have been led in the opposite direction of where their true relationship power and magnetism lies…

They’ve been taught to accept a mediocre sex life because they assume that after a while… That’s just what happens.

Epic Lovers Guides You To Reconnect And Discover Ultimate Pleasure In A Fun, Organic, And Meaningful Way

This course has helped hundreds of couples redirect their sex lives and finally connect at a deeper level than they thought possible…

Master The 4 Pillars Of Truly Epic Sex And Finally Enjoy The Blissful Love You’ve Always Wanted

Every person, and every relationship is different…

Each connection we build is unique, and each one comes with its own strengths and challenges.

But there is one thing that all couplings have in common…

There are certain pillars of connection that keep the spark alive…

And once one or more of those are broken… Our sex lives start to suffer.

In Epic Lovers, we’ve broken down these pillars into the elements.

It’s a simple and effective way to understand and connect to all the things that make a sex life truly exciting.


  • Learn to feel more grounded in your sexual connection
  • Build a sturdy foundation for exploration
  • Find a deep center of confidence and ease in your sexuality


  • Reconnect to a feeling of spontaneity in your relationship
  • Ignite the lightness and excitement in your connection
  • Refresh your chemistry with new advanced practices and techniques


  • Wash away your barriers to wild, connected sex
  • Learn to enter a true sexual flow state with your partner
  • Uncover new depths of sexual desire


  • Ignite raw, fiery passion in the bedroom
  • Explore each other’s spiciest fantasies
  • Drastically increase your libido and sexual desire

Finally uncover the potential of your sexual connection and never look back… Have truly epic sex for life.

  • Feel appreciated and understood as an irresistible sexual being
  • Supercharge your libido with proven connection techniques
  • Eliminate self-consciousness and shame around se
  • Regain desire and attraction in your relationship
  • Have the hottest, most connected sex of your life

More Connection. More Excitement. More Pleasure. This Is Epic Lovers

Epic Lovers is a course like no other…

We understand that sex doesn’t begin or end in the bedroom… And that’s why for each module, we cover ALL the things that go into a sustainably epic sex life.

Caitlin V and Monica Jayne guide you through modules that cover everything you need for a truly invigorated, sustainable, and epic connection.

This is more than just techniques to give and receive incredible pleasure – although there’s plenty of that…

This course teaches you everything you need to connect on an emotional, spiritual, and physical level.

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