Brandon Carter – BCFX 2,0 & 2,5 Online Trading Course


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Receive A+ quality trading plan signals 5x or more per week of price points on various currency pairs instantly to your mobile device of exactly where to enter and exit the forex market with stop loss and take profit targets. Signals are typically sent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between London and US open session, most volatile days of the week. Entering the forex market using these signals ensures with a 89-93% accuracy that you will be entering trades in the same direction as the biggest Banks and Hedge Funds in the world. All trades will be minimum 1:3 risk/reward trades, and as high as 1:4.

1.   Click “Receive Signals”

2.   Enter Required info.

3.   Start receiving Signals via. email

4.   (Make sure email notifications are turned on.)

5.   Decide which signals to follow and start Profits!

Online Course Includes:

  • Full Access to Course material & Updates
  • Access to Recorded trade video demos.
  • Exclusive live Webinars & Student Group Chat
  • Mentorship to review & Critique trade ideas
  • Priority invites to in-person meetups
  • Trade ideas for the week ahead


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