Blueprint for Cold Emails that people love receiving

[GroupBuy] Blueprint for Cold Emails that people love receiving


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Since 2016, I’ve sent cold emails almost daily. I’ve personally booked over $1million in business, and sourced $25million+ for the businesses I’ve sold for.

Every time, I follow the same formula for my emails.

I’m sharing:

  • The 3 basics of successful cold emails: Targeting, Initial Outreach, and Follow-up
  • Actual emails I send that are working now, in June 2022
  • Each step of my 5 step sequences, and how to adapt them to your business
  • My successful strategy of “caveman simple” emails
  • Why your current cold email isn’t working

All videos and templates are included, in perpetuity. When I add more in the future, you’ll also receive them.


Pricing starts is $19 for all included videos.

If you’re unhappy with the course, you’ll get a refund, no questions asked.


You should have a product or service to sell that makes sense to sell through personalized, individualized, 1:1 emails. If you’re selling $10 t-shirts, this probably isn’t for you. If you’re selling an ongoing service or a larger one-time purchase, this will help you.

I assume you are starting with a product and an idea of who to sell to, and will start from first principles in many cases. Still, if you’re sending sales outreach and not getting the results you hoped, it’ll help you to revisit these principles.


  • You don’t have anything to sell
  • You’re not ok with reaching out to people you do not know
  • You want to be better at cold email in order to mislead or otherwise not be 100% honest in your business
  • You’re looking for a set-and-forget formula to spray 10k+ leads a day.

In a world of machine gunners, I’m showing you how I snipe. I may only take 10 shots a day, but they create more results than your guru’s 10k “spray-and-pray.” This is about going slow enough to be effective and get the results that other sellers are not seeing.

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