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Master the art of penis pleasure with this Beducated Original course. You’ll learn next-level techniques with easy-to-follow video tutorials, cheat sheets on essentials, and special bonus material.

What You Will Learn

  1. How to do a full penis massage from start to finish
  2. The foundations of penis anatomy, pleasure, and orgasms
  3. What is edging and how to integrate it into your massage
  4. Massaging techniques for couples and self-pleasure

Lessons and Classes

1. Welcome to This Course
2. What Do You Need
3. Preparation Checklist
4. The Lingam Massage Principles
5. How to Become the Best Lingam Worshipper in the World
6. The Anatomy of the Lingam
7. Erect vs. Soft Lingam
8. Male Pleasure & Orgasm
9. Mindful Ejaculation
10. Connection Rituals
11. Learn Full-Body Massage Techniques
12. Comfortable Sitting Positions for Giver
13. Breath Awareness
14. Lingam-Heart Ritual
15. Lingam Massage Strokes
16. Edging & Riding Waves
17. Final Integration
18. Lingam Massage the Full Flow
19. Lingam Massage Cheatsheets
20. Course Completion
21. Prostate Massage is Now Offered as a Single Course
22. Lingam Self-Massage as a Bonus

Why Join Beducated?

Master New Techniques

Develop skills to become a better giver and an active receiver.

Reignite the Spark

Explore new ways to spice things up — with or without a partner.

Enjoy Sex More

Build confidence and give in to new depths of pleasure.

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