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Wondering what the secret is to vulva orgasms? It’s knowledge! Learn the basics of vulva pleasure, self-exploration, sex toys, and more with tasteful video demonstrations and follow-along exercises.

What You Will Learn

  1. How to touch the vulva’s different pleasure zones
  2. What you can do to expand your experience of pleasure
  3. Techniques for achieving multiple orgasms
  4. Why sex toys are great tools for exploring new ways to orgasm

Lessons and Classes

1. Welcome to This Course
2. Clitoral Stimulation
3. G-Spot Arousal
4. Cervical Sensation
5. Nipple Love
6. Anal Play
7. Multiple Orgasms
8. Guided Solo Session
9. Guided Couple Session
10. What’s Next

Why Join Beducated?

Master New Techniques

Develop skills to become a better giver and an active receiver.

Reignite the Spark

Explore new ways to spice things up — with or without a partner.

Enjoy Sex More

Build confidence and give in to new depths of pleasure.

Shame-Free. Educational. Safe.

Beducated is an online platform that offers 100+ courses on sex and relationships, led by the world’s top experts.

It’s a safe space for all, no matter relationship status, sexual orientation, or gender.

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