Awakening: A 30 Day Self-Transformation Program

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In The Next 30 Days, Your Life is Going To Change

What ‘Awakening’ reveals about the methods and techniques to unlock your ‘Hidden Potential’ is worth a million dollars to anybody who

  1. Wants to master his mind
  2. Has a goal to achieve
  3. Wants to find his life’s purpose

Here’s how:

The 140-year-old monk

I lived an average life.

I had goals, but no clarity of the “HOW”.

I was what you can call a drifter.

I dreamed and desired for

many things, but could achieve none.

But then one day, everything changed.

A journalist friend,

who had just returned from Tibet,

told me about this wise old monk

who lived in the mountains.

He told the monk was 140 years old.

You joking??? Right???

Yes, that’s exactly what I said.

But after two sleepless nights,

I couldn’t stop myself from

meeting such a man.

Was he really that old?

I honestly don’t know.

But I did end up living with the master

for the next 18 months and 3 days.

(If you’re curious to know more,

you’re welcome to read it on

my telegram channel @awarebeings.)

The old master taught me many lessons.

told me many stories,

and revealed many secrets.

But there was one secret

that completely changed my life.

He said:

“Like a tiger knows how to hunt,

A seed knows how to grow,

Humans have the Power of intuition.”

And that’s the underlying core

principle of this program.

If you’ve read self-help books,

e.g. weight loss or self-discipline

chances are you’ve forgotten most of

what you learned.

Because 99% of these books tell you,

Follow the checklist, you’ll be successful,

Follow the diet plan, you’ll lose 5 pounds every week

But the reason why most of them fail

is Permanence.

They only give you information,

but fail to make the message permanent.

They fail to penetrate your core

and help you understand

– WHY things are the way they are

– HOW can you fix them ‘permanently’.

Unlocking your true potential

is based on 3 natural principles:

1)  Unlearning Who You Are Not 

You’re bombarded by millions of impressions everyday.

Social media, Tv, Ads, marketers,

and people are dying to get your attention.

Your reality is nothing but

a collection of these impressions

stored in your subconscious.

So it’s not about learning more,

It’s about removing the garbage

to understand who you are.

2) Knowing What You Want 

You can only achieve a goal when you know what you want.

Most of us are groping in the dark, without any focus and direction.

And that ‘Knowing’ comes when you know

in great detail exactly what you want.

3) Focusing Your Energy 

Your energy is distracted and wasted

in needless actions, thoughts, and emotions.

When you learn to save that energy,

you can channel it towards achieving

whatever you want in your life.

And then… this happens:

And anyone can master these methods:

– No matter whether you’re 20, 30, or 50

– Man or a woman

– Planning to start a business or successful entrepreneur

– Want to make more money

– Want to Lose weight and become fit and healthy

These methods will help you master your mind to achieve whichever Goal you choose to focus on. 

Enroll and get instant access to the

5 Tools (3 Books & 2 Audio Files)

Each tool is specifically designed to

fix your old patterns,

and make you wildly successful.

1) Awakening: The Book

  • How to fix your patterns,
  • How to make right choices every time
  • Discovering your true skills
  • Intuition techniques to act without thinking
  • Awakening the power of intuition
  • Tools to find your true purpose

2)The 30 Day Program

  • WEEK 1: Getting rid of your old toxic patterns and becoming self-confident
  • WEEK 2: Discovering your Uniqueness, skills, getting to know your true self, finding your purpose
  • WEEK 3: Methods to Control thoughts, emotions and actions and methods to awaken the power of intuition
  • WEEK 4: Channeling your energy to achieve your goals.

BONUS:  21 secrets of Life by the 140-year- old monk

3) Subconscious Reprogramming Book

  • Recognizing your limiting beliefs and patterns
  • The Golden rule of Self-talk
  • The methods to Reprogram your subconscious aligned with your goals.

4) Guided Meditation Session (Audio):

28 minutes hypnotic spiritual journey to:

  • Be in the flow state
  • To burn your anxiety, overthinking and depression
  • Acceptance for mental peace
  • Awareness aligned with your true self.

5) The 51 Affirmation to Rewire Your Mind (Audio)

51 Affirmations with 963 Hz frequency to:

  • Activate to your Pineal Gland
  • Awaken your intuitive powers
  • Tune your brain for attracting – success, health, love, peace and happiness.

If you do what I say in the program,

it’s almost impossible to not achieve what you desire.

You will start seeing the results from Day 1.

In 30 days, you will become a completely different person— mentallyemotionally and spiritually.

I’m so confident that if you get no results in 30 days, I will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked.

(No refunds will be issued during discounted sales)

If you follow even half of what I’ve revealed in this program,

you’ll transform into a new intelligent being.

That’s a promise.

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