AlgoExpert - React Crash Course

AlgoExpert – React Crash Course


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React is one of the most popular frontend libraries to create performant and maintainable user interfaces. Master it, and you’ll never go back to writing vanilla JavaScript again!

2 – React Basics

This wouldn’t be a FrontendExpert crash course without a video on important fundamentals. Let’s jump in!

3 – JSX

Short for JavaScript XML, JSX is what happens when you try to combine JavaScript and HTML into one. And it so happens to be extremely important when working with React!

4 – Props

In React, props are things you pass from component to component. That’s pretty much it. They’re super useful though.

5 – Event-Driven Programming

The old adage “better to be proactive than reactive” doesn’t apply here! Wait…

6 – State

In React, state is how you store stuff. That’s pretty much it. It’s super useful though.

7 – Component Lifecycle

Let’s take a peek into the fascinating life of a React component. Buckle up!

8 – Refs

In React, refs are special things to store special stuff. That’s pretty much it. They’re super useful though.

9 – Imperative React

This is where React starts to get a bit complicated. You’ve been warned.

10 – Contexts

Just as context is important in real life, so too is it important in a React codebase!

11 – Component Lists

Welcome to lists in React! Where this…

12 – Performance

To write performant React code, follow these two simple steps: Step 1: Never write the code below.

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