Adina Rivers - "Orgasmic Sex " Premium Live Event & Demonstration + Premium Yoga Class

[GroupBuy] Adina Rivers – “Orgasmic Sex ” Premium Live Event & Demonstration + Premium Yoga Class


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What This Sex Online Demonstration Will Help You Achieve:

  • Give a woman guaranteed orgasms during sex
  • Learn sex positions that’ll make you last longer
  • Give her vaginal orgasms with your penis only
  • Give her an unforgettable sexual experience
  • End boring & average sex
  • Stand out with sex skills only 2% of men know of
  • Make sex more satisfying for her and you
  • Get more sex & better sex
  • See what type of sex a woman really enjoys
  • F%ck her better than any other guy

What Is Orgasmic Sex?

Orgasmic sex is different from the way most people have sex or what you see in porn.

The problem with normal sex is:

  • 85% of women do not have orgasms during penetration.
  • And 76% of guys come too quickly.

This leads to lots of frustration for both women and men. (It’s called the orgasm gap)

On the other hand, Orgasmic Sex is all about ..

  • Guaranteed pleasure for the woman,
  • More lasting power for the man,
  • Deeply satisfying sex for both!

Why Is Orgasmic Sex Important?

Studies have shown that the quality of sex affects the quality of a relationship.

When you turn average sex into orgasmic sex you’ll see drastic changes such as:

  • She’ll be more loving ..
  • She’ll be more supportive ..
  • She’ll only desire you ..
  • You’ll have more sex ..

And as a result of that you’ll become ..

  • More happy
  • More creative
  • More relaxed
  • More attractive

The quality of your sex life affects the quality of your relationship. And the quality of your relationship affects the quality of your life.

The Orgasmic-Sex-Formula 🔥


Activate Alpha Brain Waves With Sensual Connection Practices. In this state you are more relaxed, receptive, calm, powerfulconfident & attractive. (you’ll also last longer & make her feel safe)


Use rhythm, movement, breath, energy & sound to enhance your sex skills and penetrate in ways that will make her speechless.


Combine step #2 with sex positions proven to unlock vaginal orgasms for a woman and more lasting power for you. (this will make her addicted to you)


Use the post-sex-energy method to connect more deeply with your partner and enhance your relationship.


When you choose the right sex position + thrusting rhythm + penetration style and pair it with the alpha brain wave state, you’ll unlock orgasms for a woman EASILY.

There are literally only a few men on this planet who know the orgasmic sex formula.

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